Everyone in the national security community needs confidence in the veracity of data to make informed mission decisions.
From the operator in the field, to the analyst in the office – leveraging data can lead to a single version of the truth.

Without insight, our adversaries consistently find new, unpredictable attack vectors,
threats we can’t anticipate the most deadly. 

Join us on October 30, 2018 to explore how technology is enabling massive advancements
in automated sensemaking to stay a step ahead of the threat.

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We have a great agenda planned, along with some outstanding speakers. Our featured speakers are listed below.

Check out the full site for more info: https://summit18.sapns2.com/

Featured Speakers:

  • The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair | Prime Minister, Great Britain and Northern Ireland (1997-2007)
  • Bob Work | President, TeamWork, LLC | 32nd United States Deputy Secretary of Defense
  • Dr. Richard FornoCybersecurity & Internet Researcher, University of Maryland
  • Steve OrrinChief Technologist, Intel Corporation
  • Scott BethelPresident and CEO of IntegrityISR, BGen (Ret.) former Vice Cdr, USAF ISR Agency
  • Ilyas Khan, KSGCEO, Cambridge Quantum Computing
  • Samuel S. VisnerDirector, National Cybersecurity Federally Funded Research Center (MITRE)